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How two Maryland women work to raise awareness about missing black people


For the past 13 years, sisters-in-law Natalie and Derrica Wilson have made it their mission to step in to help find missing people of color when media and law enforcement are lacking.

When Tamika Huston, 24, went missing from Derrica Wilson’s hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina on May 27, 2004, she was shocked at the lack of media coverage.

“When she disappeared, her family struggled to get local coverage, let alone national coverage,” said Derrica, co-founder and CEO of the Black and Missing Foundation.

“About six months later, Natalee Holloway was gone and (she) became a household name,” Derrica said.

Journalist Gwen Ifill is often credited with coining the phrase “missing white woman syndrome” to describe the patchy media coverage of missing young white women in relation to information about missing people of color.

“You rarely see our people on the news,” Derrica said. “There is no sense of urgency behind these missing people.”

According to 2019 FBI data, 609,275 people have been reported missing in the United States. Blacks, Asians and Indigenous people accounted for almost 40% of all reported cases. Although blacks make up only 13% of the U.S. population, they accounted for 34% (205,802) of all missing persons cases reported in 2019.

The couple believe the disparity in media coverage may be linked to multiple factors, including misclassifying minority children as runaways or criminals and desensitization to crime victims who come from impoverished minority communities.

“Derrica and I decided to use our professions to help locate our missing,” Natalie said.

Derrica previously worked for the Arlington County Sheriff’s Department and the Falls Church City Police Department in Virginia. Natalie has spent her career working in public relations.

“These are the two essential professions needed to help us find ourselves,” Natalie said. “So we got together and formed the organization.”

Help us find us

“The Black and Missing Foundation was created out of necessity,” Natalie told CNN.

When the Wilson’s officially formed the Maryland-based nonprofit in 2008, they had one simple mission: to help find us.

The non-profit organization is raising awareness among missing people of color through its online platform, public awareness campaigns, education and an anonymous whistleblower line.

“We’re helping families from A to Z to raise awareness of their missing loved ones, and that includes creating flyers and social media posts as well as boots on the ground,” Natalie said.

“It is important that everyone recognizes that this is someone’s brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter and that their life is valuable, and we must do everything we can to help find them and bring them home, “said Derrica. . “We want them to know that they are not alone in this.”

For BAMFI, this includes emotional support and, in the event a missing person is found deceased, funds to help with funeral arrangements.

A game changer

For mothers like Brandi Stallings, Wilson’s support was a game-changer.

In 2017, Stalling’s 16-year-old daughter Kennedi High went missing.

“I was so frantic when Kennedi disappeared because it was at a time when a lot of girls were missing in Washington,” said Stalling, who was further alarmed that law enforcement appeared to be ruling out Kennedi’s autism as a factor in his abduction.

She contacted the Black and Missing Foundation. They asked for tips. An Uber driver who picked up Kennedi recognized her and called their phone line, which ultimately led her to return home.

“To have an organization that hears your pain and can help and assist you without judging you… that’s something all families need, I think.”

To date, the Black and Missing Foundation has terminated over 300 families and more. Plus, they’ve added ways to help people protect themselves, including self-defense workshops, fingerprints, and social media safety courses for young people.

“We want to be this proactive organization to prevent people from disappearing,” Derrica said.

“We have to do our part because it could be any of us,” Natalie said.

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Why schlubby Adam Sandler is the most Googled style star of 2021


Call him Snappy Gilmore.

In a class of its own, Adam Sandler’s shabby chic vibe earned him the # 1 spot as Google’s hottest celebrity style star of 2021 – and fashion aficionados are blown away by the results.

“It’s the ultimate in fashion,” style expert Robert Verdi told The Post of the “Click” actor’s unabashed flair. “He looks like he’s in the process of rehab, but people love him because he’s genuine.”

Sandler, 55, best known for wearing oversized athletic shorts and tucked-in T-shirts, beat pop powers Britney Spears (No.2), Harry Styles (No.6) and Lizzo (No.9) in Search Google Category “celebrity outfits”.

Verdi believes Sandler’s extremely casual streetwear is becoming more and more fashionable, as this is how everyone dressed in the height of the pandemic, calling his look of gloves and masks a ‘meth-maker. chic ”.

And Verdi – a stylist who once hosted “Fashion Police” and held a cameo role in “The Devil Wears Prada” – credits the Brooklyn native Sandler’s new fashion fame to the pandemic.

“In the wake of COVID, we all realized that materialism didn’t matter,” said style guru Sandler, who is estimated to be worth $ 420 million. “He represents what we all did during the lockdown, who stayed in the same sweats for a week, didn’t shower every day, and wore old house shoes to walk the dog.”

Sandler wears a worn pair of Ugg boots, loose basketballs, and an ill-fitting polo shirt when on dog duty.
Sandler wears a worn pair of Ugg boots, baggy basketball shorts, and an ill-fitting polo shirt when on dog duty.

Sandler, like many leggy teenagers and models, is also a fan of Ugg boots, which he skillfully pairs with bare legs and gigantic shorts.

“Her ‘f — k it’ look resonates with people more than ever because it’s real life. No one walks around in Dior and diamonds. People like that he feels comfortable being himself, ”added Verdi.

And the thousands of fans who follow #SANDLERCORE – a hashtag with 329,000 videos on TikTok – totally agree.

“All I wanna wear right now is SandlercoreOne fan said in a video showing a series of photos of Sandler’s street style.

“I have decided that 2022 is the year when my style will be one hundred percent influenced by Adam Sandler, ”tweeted another fan of the trend.

Here, Verdi weighs in on some of Sandler’s more oafish outfits.

Fabulous “Breaking Bad”

Verdi compares Sandler's look to Bryan Cranston's drug cook character in hit drama series
Verdi compares Sandler’s look to that of Bryan Cranston’s drug cook character in the hit drama series “Breaking Bad.”

“It’s the methamphetamine maker’s utter chic here,” Verdi joked of Sandler’s ramshackle clothes. “The look gives me Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’,” he laughed, referring to Bryan Cranston’s Crystal Meth-cooking character in AMC’s hit drama.

Nothing good

Verdi says Sandler looks oddly devious in his uncoordinated party outfit.
Verdi says Sandler looks oddly devious in his uncoordinated party outfit.

“Looks like he just committed a crime,” Verdi said. “This is the outfit you wear when you go out, late at night, to trick your boo with your boo aside,” he laughed. (Note: Sandler has been married to his wife Jackie for 18 years, and there have been no rumors of his infidelity).

“Happy Gilmore” outfit

Verdi says Sandler's relaxed look resonates with people in the wake of the pandemic.
Verdi says Sandler’s relaxed look resonates with people in the wake of the pandemic.

“He’s dressed like he’s about to play golf with Caitlyn Jenner,” Verdi said, noting Sandler’s mint polo shirt and soft cargo cuts. “It’s a messy look, but it’s his more formal and higher messy look because he’s probably going somewhere that’s semi-important.”

Comfortable coordination

Verdi thinks Sandler's best cool look is his North Face hoodie.
Verdi thinks Sandler’s best cool look is his North Face hoodie.

“This North Face hooded outfit is probably her most fashionable look,” Verdi said. “Her haircut looks quite fresh, the red of the hoodie is tied with part of the red of her socks and sneakers and the blue mask goes with the shorts,” he added. “But the dog is the real eye-catcher here.”

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Winter storm watch issued for Park City area, with powder in forecast

The National Weather Service is forecasting up to 10 inches of snowfall through Friday in the Park City area, good news for skiers and snowboarders.
David Jackson / Park Record

Take out the snow plow because here is the pow pow!

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch that is expected to be in effect from 11 p.m. Wednesday through Friday.

Heavy snowfall is likely, with the National Weather Service forecasting snow accumulations of 4 to 10 inches on average in the Wasatch Back. Estimates indicate that 1 to 2 feet of accumulation is possible in the higher elevations.

The National Weather Service released this graph plotting the expected snowfall build-up from Wednesday to Friday night.

Courtesy of the National Meteorological Service

What can drivers expect from the commute to work?

Drivers in the Park City area can expect snowy conditions, including on Interstate 80 through Parleys Canyon. The National Weather Service also states that wind gusts of up to 35 mph are possible.

When driving the canyons this winter, make sure your vehicle is equipped with an ice scraper, sturdy snow brush, and shovel. Always pack gloves, warm clothes, blankets and boots. Experts also recommend bringing emergency rockets, rock salt or kitty litter, a first aid kit, a fully charged phone, and extra windshield washer fluid.

What can ski resorts expect?

Park City Mountain Resort predicts a 6-10 inch snowfall buildup throughout Thursday, with an additional 2-4 inch snowfall overnight. Thursday’s temperatures for PCMR are expected to peak at 30 degrees during the day and drop to 12 degrees at night.

On Friday, the ski gods could dump an additional 2-4 inches during the day at PCMR with up to 1 inch of fresh snow overnight. To follow the snowfall accumulation at the PCMR, click here.

Deer Valley Resort is forecasting up to 13 inches of snow on Thursday, with 5 inches more on Friday. Temperatures are expected to peak at 25 degrees on Thursday. For current weather and snow conditions, click here.

For the latest information on the National Weather Service forecast, click here.

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“You look ridiculous! Jeremy Clarkson Mocks TikToker By Filming It At Diddly Squat Farm | Celebrity News | Show biz & TV


Jeremy Clarkson, 61, made fun of Tik Toker Tom Wheaton who visited the Diddly Squat farm, with Jeremy teasing him about his tracksuit. Diddly Squat Farm has become a top tourist destination since Clarkson’s Farm aired on Amazon Prime Video in June.

The viral video has been uploaded and shows Jeremy tearing up the TikTok star.

In the video, Tom pointed the camera at Jeremy, who was busy pulling a box full of jars of honey out of his car for the farm store.

Tom asks Jeremy, “What is Jeremy?”

To which Jeremiah replied, “Are you just going to put this on TikTok?”

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Tom then lowered the camera to show what he was wearing, a pair of black hiking boots and light gray sweatpants.

The TikToker wasn’t too put off by Jeremy’s comments, captioning the video: “Clarkson is wild!”

Jeremy plays in Clarkson’s Farm and his farm is now becoming a popular tourist destination to the anger of many in the neighboring village.

With the highly anticipated second series on the way, Amazon has given a glimpse of what fans should expect in the new season.

They wrote: “Viewers can expect a more in-depth look at another year on Diddly Squat Farm as Jeremy aims to branch out, expanding his limited farming knowledge under the watchful eye of his down-to-earth team; driver; tractor Kaleb, stonewall favorite Gerald, adviser ‘Cheerful Charlie, Lisa, the best half turned shopkeeper on the Clarkson farm, and many more.


Mark Labbett calls on Boris to quit as he rants over passports jab [OPINION]

Alex Scott vows to reconcile with co-star as she calls out to snub [BBC]

Greg James shares fears after stealing log from Kensington Palace [CONCERN]

“Series 2 promises to bring more laughs, triumphs and tribulations, and of course more farming missteps, as we follow Jeremy & co on their farming adventure.”

Speaking of the show’s success, Jeremy admitted he was “extremely proud” of what he had accomplished.

When asked what he thought of the reaction to Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy replied, “It’s been a crazy ride!”

The host revealed, “I wanted to try and make it serious, and it’s completely improvised.

“I never know what we do in the morning when we start cultivating. I cultivate today and the film crew is not here.

“They’re coming on Wednesday and I have no idea what I’m doing on Wednesday, because I don’t know what the weather will be like.

“But, it was extremely successful and I am extremely proud of it,” he confessed.

Jeremy has started filming the second series for Clarkson’s Farm, but it’s unclear when exactly it will be released.

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Joanna Coles Power 100 Lunch with Katie Couric at Michael’s


Nina García, editor-in-chief of She; Joanna Coles; and Vira Capeci, President of the Americas at Balenciaga, at Michael’s on December 6.
Photo: Chance Yeh / Getty Images for the Power 100 Lunch

There I was downtown on Monday afternoon, surrounded by 100 of New York’s most powerful women and feeling a bit like Euripides. In 411 BC, Aristophanes wrote Thesmophoriazusae, a play about Athenian women meeting, as they did every year, at the temple of Demeter to “meditate on the mighty mysteries of the great goddesses” and to combat misogyny in ancient society. Euripides wants to infiltrate but fails; women, for their part, conclude “that men are greatly our inferiors.”

That still seems to be true 2,341 years later – at least as far as this coin is concerned. We are not in the temple of Demeter but at Michel’s, the temple on West 55th Street with expense reports and media to chews who still have them for the Seventh Annual Power 100 Luncheon. alone guest man, and I’m definitely the lower life form. The place is full of the best copywriters, presenters and bankers in town. The only other men in the room – the photographer, the bartenders and Michael himself – are there to serve you.

Joanna Coles, the former content manager of the Hearst Magazine Empire, is the hostess. She hosts these annual vacation lunches for New York City power brokers to get to know each other. She let me have a drink – red, white, rosé or champagne. I have about half an hour before lunch starts and then I have to hurry. (Hey, that’s more than Euripides.) In the meantime, the powerful women in the room easily foil my boring questions.

Katie Couric and Coles.
Photo: Chance Yeh / Getty Images for the Power 100 Lunch

These days, Coles, who once worked here at new York Magazine before moving to Hearst, is out of the print game and is involved in the SPAC agreements (the former editor of Cosmopolitan and reality tv star So Cosmo is now CEO and President of something called Northern Star Acquisition Companies). What does she think of the fishy that falls that day with BuzzFeed and Complex Networks? “I love Jonas [Peretti], and I wish her all the best, ”she said. “And someone has to roll up digital businesses, and he’s the first one out.” Does she miss working in magazines? She stops for a moment and, in effect, says: Not really. I wonder if she read Katie Robertson story At New York Times about another struggling print dynasty, Condé Nast. “I think magazine brands are brilliant, but I think a magazine itself is an icon of the past,” Coles says.

I tell Coles, who wears a silver blazer, I wanna ask who it is, but I just read this editorial in the Times by the senators who criticized the newspaper for writing about their colleague’s fashion. She assures me it’s okay to ask and it’s Alexander McQueen. So when I turn to Nina García, the editor-in-chief of She, I feel like I have the right to ask questions about her superb outfit. She tells me that her black dress is Schiaparelli and the boots are Saint Laurent. “It’s the lunch of the women of ultimate power,” García assures me, and she dressed for it.

I feel a bit basic in comparison and definitely put on the spot. Some guests ask why I was there. I want to be on my best behavior. “Smile and don’t complain,” advises Democratic MP Sara Jacobs. Coles wonders aloud: “Do you think there are women who explain themselves? There might be women who complain, ”she said.

Coles with Kaitlan Collins, Kara Swisher, Tammy Haddad and Candace Bushnell.
Photo: Chance Yeh / Getty Images for the Power 100 Lunch

Sally Buzbee, who this year became Washington’s first female editor To post in its 143 year history, has just arrived. Does the press still look like an old boys’ club? “There’s still a long way to go,” she says, “but there are just a lot of really hot women doing a lot of fascinating things right now, including To post. “Over the weekend, his newspaper published a story who took a critical look at the leadership of Vice President Kamala Harris. Some felt it smacked of sexism, I told him, hoping I wasn’t unintentionally slipping into the male whistleblower zone just by mentioning it. “I think it’s a legitimate story, and this story has been very carefully and thoroughly reported,” Buzbee said. I change the subject. How does it feel to have Jeff Bezos as your boss? “He’s very passive,” she says. I advance.

I was curious to hear what everyone thought of Chris Cuomo’s downfall – his former colleague Brooke Baldwin said over the weekend that Cuomo’s coveted night time slot should be given to a woman; CNN is a bit of a boys’ club and some insiders see Jake Tapper land it – but I didn’t get very far with that. I ask MSNBC President Rashida Jones what she would do if she was in Jeff Zucker’s shoes. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Katy Tur neither. Stéphanie Ruhle either. Katie Couric thinks about it for a moment, but she hesitates too. Not so long ago, she tableware book was the talk of the town. She pissed off a bunch of people and then went wild for weeks on the tabloids. Did the harsh reception from some quarters shake her? “The people who really matter loved the book,” she says convincingly without caring about a thing.

Across the bar, screenwriter Nell Scovell tells me that she spent the pandemic working on her novel, which she’ll call “Hollywood Vicious”. This is a missed Harvey Weinstein. I point out to him that the TimesMe Too reporter Jodi Kantor is there, in case she needs more material. “Oh, I’ve been through it,” Scovell laughs, a little sad.

I miss DC Dean Tammy Haddad, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, and Bank of America boss Anne Finucane. I see young scientist Dr Kizzmekia Corbett, who helped design the COVID vaccine, is sipping champagne a few feet away from Candace Bushnell. She has a busy schedule, with her solo show premiering tomorrow and then later in the week the HBO premiere of And just like that … Any advice for today’s bachelor? “Carry on,” she said. “Enjoy it.”

Coles and Rashida Jones, President of MSNBC.
Photo: Chance Yeh / Getty Images for the Power 100 Lunch

What might have sounded like a canned response. But just try to get something unscripted from Nancy Dubuc, the executive who debunked the media from Vice. “I entered a culture that wanted help growing up,” she said, calling it a “privilege” to work alongside journalists “who wanted to work and not spend all of their time, day in and day out, at talk about a culture, but rather talk about doing a great job. Vice tried SPAC this year, but abandoned that plan in August. Considering BuzzFeed’s lukewarm performance, I wonder if she feels grateful that Vice’s own deal blew up. “I think we just made the right choice for us,” she said. “We saw where the market was going at the start of the summer, and we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make the decision not to.”

Former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards was on hand, just as the Supreme Court looked set to do exactly what the Republican Party had been promising to change the court to do for decades now. “I was thinking about it this morning,” she said. “It’s like the message from the Republican Party and the Supreme Court is, ‘Okay, women, you’re starting to get fairness, so we’re going to have to go back now.’ You’ve really gotten a little too fat for your panties. ‘”She says she thinks that” this is going to be a real wake-up call for the women of this country – that if we are not involved in politics, if we are not. not involved in politics, if we don’t vote we can’t take anything for granted.

And now it’s time for me to go. On the way out, I stumble upon Susan Mercandetti, long time a member of Tina Brown’s court and a full-fledged book publishing force. “We were just saying we don’t know half the people here,” she says, “because they’re young, and they’re the new generation, and there’s all these hot women who are just kicking. ass everywhere. . “

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Australian ugg boots maker Eddie Oygur loses bid for US Supreme Court appeal against Deckers


An Australian small business owner sued by a US retail giant for selling UGG boots online has had his appeal dismissed by the US Supreme Court.

Eddie Oygur and his company Australian Leather were sued by Deckers, owner of the UGG brand, for selling a dozen UGG boots in the United States.

Mr Oygur’s legal team had argued that “ugg” had been a generic Australian term for sheepskin boots since the late 1960s and was therefore improperly registered in the United States.

Mr Oygur lost the case in 2019 and was ordered to pay US $ 450,000 ($ 643,500) in damages, after a jury found his company had willfully infringed a trademark with Deckers Outdoor , by selling UGG boots online to customers in the United States.

He then lost an appeal in May of this year, where Deckers argued that Americans do not recognize “ugg” as a generic descriptive term, but only as a brand name.

“For conditions in foreign countries, it’s what American consumers think that matters,” a lawyer for Deckers told the appeals court.

Mr Oygur then sought leave to appeal the decision to the United States Supreme Court and received support from the Australian government.

But former South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon, a member of Mr Oygur’s Australian legal team, today announced that the US Supreme Court has dismissed the request to hear the case.

Mr Xenophon told David Bevan of ABC Radio Adelaide that legal remedies have been exhausted.

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows for search, up and down arrows for volume.

Nick Xenophon talks to ABC Radio Adelaide about ugg case
To download 2 MB

“Not only has he spent all his savings … he now faces a bill of $ 3.4 million and if he doesn’t spit, he will be declared bankrupt, his company will be liquidated … all for inadvertently selling something that is uniquely Australian in the US market, ”he said.

“We’re not talking about selling thousands of pairs, we’re actually talking about nine pairs over six years.”

Mr Xenophon said their argument was that “ugg” could not be a trademark in the United States as it had been used as a generic term in Australia since the 1960s.

“The [Deckers] the argument was that it doesn’t apply, you know champagne, feta, gorgonzola, haloumi, all those generic terms in non-English speaking foreign countries, doesn’t apply to English speaking countries, ”he said.

Mr Xenophon said the Australian government’s support for Mr Oygur’s appeal “was a big deal”.

“It sends a signal that this is not just an ordinary business affair, it is about matters of national interest, a national consideration,” he said.

Mr. Oygur said he did not “get a fair share of the US legal system”.

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Chicago still hasn’t seen its first measurable snowfall. How snowy will this winter be? – NBC Chicago


Typically, the first measurable snowfall in Chicago is Nov. 18, according to the National Weather Service.

Not this year.

While there may have been flakes – and even the coldest air of the season so far – as of December 7, Chicago has yet to see any measurable snowfall this year ( not even 0.1 “of accumulation).

In fact, it’s been 266 days since the last measurable snowfall in the city, according to the National Weather Service.

The good news is (well, depending on how much you enjoy scraping snow from your car) a late first snowfall doesn’t mean much for the rest of the winter, or how much snow is forecast to come.

The National Weather Service says December through February is the city’s true “snow season”.

Last year the snow in winter started slowly, but things picked up in late January, with 34.1 “of snowfall in just 3 weeks. From January 26 to February 15, 2021, Chicago had its 3 snowiest weeks. since 1979.

Light snow showers should continue throughout the week, but your snow boots will not be used much over the weekend.

What is the average snowfall in Chicago for an entire season?

36.3 “

The average of the first measurable snowfall in Chicago

According to the National Weather Service of Chicago, the first measurable average snowfall is around November 16.

Chicago’s first measurable snowfall

According to the National Weather Service of Chicago, the first measurable snowfall in the city was on October 16, 2006.

Last measurable snowfall in the Chicago area, dating back to 1909

  • December 20, 2012
  • December 16, 1965
  • December 14, 2001
  • December 12, 2003
  • December 10, 2003
  • December 9, 2011
  • December 9, 1948
  • December 7, 1914
  • December 6, 1994
  • December 5, 1984
  • December 5, 1944
  • December 5, 1909

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Texas woman quits her job to design women’s cowboy boots


Lizzy Bentley felt that cowboy boots were made and marketed only for men. “No one was really serving women in this space,” she said. So it is.

FORT WORTH, Texas – Texas can be hard to define.

He’s as cowboy as he is cosmopolitan.

But these cultures should not clash.

They coexist peacefully in every pair of Lizzy Bentley boots.

“I’ve always been this weird mix of being both in the country and in the city,” she said.

Originally from Amarillo, Lizzy grew up wearing cowboy boots everywhere.

She didn’t stop when she moved to Dallas to attend SMU.

“And all the girls in California and Chicago, all over the country and really the world, would stop me and ask me, ‘Where did you get those boots?'” She said.

“And when I was asked this about 20 times, I decided they could buy them from me.”

She started buying and selling cowboy boots while earning a finance degree.

After graduation, she landed a job as an analyst for the oil and gas company Halliburton in Houston.

“I think when I really got the virus from doing my own thing, it was about two weeks after my first real job,” she said.

It wasn’t the buyer’s remorse – she loved her job.

She just wanted to build something that was her own.

But the high-heeled corporate world has also stifled its style.

She started to design a few designs of cowboy boots, had them made, and started a women’s boot business as a little side scramble.

“No one was really serving women in this space and that’s when I started to think there was something here,” she said.

“It was truly the divine moment because a week later I ended up being fired from my downturn oil and gas job. I had saved money, had perfect samples ready to use, and had no work.

So turning cowboy boots into his full-time job, “was a pretty easy decision.”

Lizzy was 25 when she started her business.

She is now 31 years old. And City boots has developed a loyal customer base.

Her luxury boots, which sell for around $ 1,000 a pair, are reserved for women.

“I’m selling boots to a customer who isn’t your typical cowboy boot customer,” she said.

Lizzy says market research has found that women like the idea of ​​cowboy boots, but feel they are bulky or uncomfortable.

“They don’t feel good about themselves,” she said. “So what we did is totally different. “

With a higher heel and a taller boot, “everything is much more feminine,” she explained.

Lizzy has found a family-owned factory in central Mexico to handcraft her designs, which sometimes include pops of bright color and icons like hearts or lightning bolts.

Sometimes a unique design comes to her mind and she writes it down wherever she can.

“It could be on a napkin or on a bill. I have little sketches all over the place of different ways of presenting different icons on a boot, ”she said.

“Establishing itself as a brand of trust takes time. There was a lot of banging on the sidewalk, home shows and packing and unpacking of boots, literally out of the trunk of my little sedan to get the name out there, ”she said.

City Boots now operates from a studio in Fort Worth which is open one day a week by appointment only.

The rest of her business is done through online orders or trunk shows, which she hosts at places like Aspen and Beverly Hills.

“I send my love for cowboy boots to people who have never seen a horse, but they love them! She said with a smile.

Lizzy is hesitant to give too much advice to women considering a career change, but she thinks taking a calculated risk is the best way to see if something is going right.

“There are a million reasons not to do something. It just kind of takes a leap of faith, ”she said. “If it’s something that excites you enough, then even if you fail, you are going to learn. “

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Angels Landing hike in Zion National Park will require a permit


(CNN) – One of America’s most popular national park hikes will require a permit from 2022.

Zion National Park officials have announced that starting April 1, 2022, visitors who wish to tackle the famous Angels Landing hike, which climbs a 1,488-foot-high rock formation to reveal breathtaking views of the canyons below, will have to enter online lottery to try to get a permit.

“Angels Landing is one of Zion National Park’s most iconic destinations and the permitting will make the visit fair for everyone,” National Park Service (NPS) Director Jeff Bradybaugh said in a statement.

He added, “The system we have put in place will reduce congestion on the trail, resolve safety concerns, and make it easy for visitors to plan ahead.”

Interested travelers will need to go to Recreation.gov and pay $ 6 to participate in an online lottery. There will be two kinds of lotteries: seasonal and last minute. The first will open on January 3 for permits starting on April 1.

Lucky visitors who get permits will then have to pay $ 3 per person. The fees are used to support the park rangers who will manage the crowd flow and permit checks.

Bradybaugh confirms the new permitting system is a work in progress and encourages feedback from visitors once it has started.

Angels Landing was previously called the Temple of Aeolus.

Jud Burkett / The Specter / AP

The Angels Landing hike is one of the most popular on the NPS network, but it can also be dangerous. There have been 10 known deaths there since 2004, most recently a 19-year-old hiker who reportedly fell from the rock when she died in the fall of 2019.

Overpopulation has been a major problem.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. national parks have filled with domestic travelers. Arches National Park, another of Utah’s “Mighty Five”, had to turn away visitors when the crowds grew too large.

Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles, chief spokesperson for the NPS, told CNN that 2021 “will be one of our busiest summers and years ever.”

In addition to the erosion that can be caused by too many pairs of boots walking the same trails, overcrowding can also cause short-term problems.

Many inexperienced campers and hikers have visited NPS sites this year, some of whom have left trash, posted graffiti, or disobeyed other park rules. Unprepared visitors can also run out of water, injure themselves, or require emergency services.

Zion National Park welcomed around 4.5 million visitors in 2019, according to NPS data.

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17 Best Uggs For Men In 2021: Time To Get A Pair Of Ugg Boots


You remember Uggs, don’t you? The furry ankle boots worn in the past by tragics without elegance? You might think GQ’s approval for men’s Uggs is fake news, but we’re here to report that the infamous ugly shoes are back (gasp!) And frankly our feet are happy. How did we get here?

Like many iconic brands, Ugg doesn’t set out to be a fashion giant, let alone stylish. Before Ugg became Ugg, it was just uggs, a style of boot known for its practical and warm sheepskin uppers. Their exact origins remain controversial, but the shoes gained popularity in Australia in the 1960s not as winter boots, but as beach shoes– sumptuous sheepskin boots kept surfers warm before and after shredding. They traveled to America in the 1970s when Australian surfer Brian Smith moved to Southern California and brought style with him, founding the company we know today as Ugg.

Their supreme comfort made Ugg boots and slippers a hit with other athletes throughout the ’90s, especially as house shoes, before gaining both popularity (and derision) for their design throughout. from the 2000s. The shoes have been vilified in style circles throughout the year and seen as grossly inappropriate outside of the context of one’s own home. But after enduring a glove of fashion ridiculousness, alongside the even uglier Crocs, Ugg has not only survived, but is now enjoying a second wind.

Thanks to a revival of the Y2K and SoCal style and to collaborations with contemporary designers like Telfar and Bape, Ugg has reappeared in the air. While Drake and Adam Sandler have worn Uggs at their most comfortable, other celebrities like Pharrell, Evan laughs and Justin bieber elevate Ugg to lewd drip levels. The Ugg range lies in its simplicity. Compared to the Crocs, the Classic boot from Ugg is remarkably simple. That’s a good thing, because it allows the boots to navigate a ton of different outfits. Wear them with jeans and flannel, use them for knock down office suit, or pull them on to relax in sweatpants at home. God knows you deserve a little more comfort right now.

And while you still have doubts about all of this, you should know that Ugg has expanded far beyond its Classic boot. From preppy duck boots to streetwise sneakers, beefy work boots to luxury sandals, there is a pair of men’s Uggs boots to suit your taste. For all the GQ Approved Men’s Uggs, check out these 17 pairs below.

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